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40oz Papi> Ricky said he was gonna beat my ass 19:35
Unstoppable> He want me to come nigga better call Uber ROTFLOL 19:35
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Bet he wont 19:35
🌸🌺TRISH> Hazey is the only one I wanna meet tbh Embarrassed Devil 19:35
WeedyD420Dragon> Yawn 19:35
Im Dro You Whor> i only met 3 people on here 19:35
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Excited Excited Excited 19:35
Orly sexy as fu> I loved sucking on panda tits 19:35
who-.-> @Orly sexy as fu I did not know this 19:35
*Deetzee*> Tbh we all have been friends on ffm at one time r another so stop fkn fighting Duh! 19:35
Spankmaster420> Then they catch feelings. And im like oh hell nahh i got to go 19:35
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> @Unstoppable well come down to Eugene then 19:35
Mexi> kissed who-.- 19:35
Unstoppable> Looks at watch 19:35
who-.-> Laughing jew 19:35
Unstoppable> Yawn I'll wait 19:35
who-.-> ROTFLOL spank 19:35
Orly sexy as fu> @who-.- I see. Did you know I met panda. 19:35
Im Dro You Whor> trish just wants to fuck though 19:35
nιnι_хoхo> lol jew 19:34
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> ROTFLOL ROTFLOL ROTFLOL she nows 19:34
Unstoppable> I'm waiting were u at to beat my ass 19:34
40oz Papi> Felicia 19:34
Spankmaster420> @who-.- nahh it wwas more than one night stands prolly twice or three times a week till i got bored hahaha 19:34
40oz Papi> OK ask me 19:34
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