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Kat> Wth? Travis it’s me. 18:13
foxy> I know that know fame and I've heard all the same shit 18:13
Retired Sippa'> Oh that's fake kat lol 18:13
foxy> @❤Mrs.Berry❤ why would I be Fame? 18:13
Hype> baby ik i have a potty mouth 18:13
$$RAY CASH$$$$> @GEEEEEEEK yeah ice cube on the song 18:13
eltangasback> @Kat let me see yu puszy 18:13
Kat> why? @Retired Sippa’ 18:13> He so sexy when he's a bad boy 18:13
Retired Sippa'> Ughhh kat is confusing right now 18:12
Hype> bath wit bubbles shit 18:12
$$RAY CASH$$$$> Features ice cube in the track 18:12
❤Mrs.Berry❤> @foxy Rolling Eyes ok fame 18:12
Retired Sippa'> @Kat Lol 18:12> Matthew u have a potty mouth 18:12
Kat> No Travis. 18:12
R0ME0$$ G'd UP> Remember steady mobbin and how to survive in South Central? 18:12
Hype> i like takin baths like scarface tho tbh 18:12
Retired Sippa'> Or call me sippa 18:12
foxy> @❤Mrs.Berry❤ idk who that is 18:12
Retired Sippa'> My name is Soper on here 18:12
Hype> i never told u tht shit bitch 18:12
Kat> It’s your name though. 18:12
❤Mrs.Berry❤> @foxy damien ex girlfriend 18:12
GEEEEEEEK> @$RAY CASH$$ he sounds Like Ice Cube I'll check it out 18:12
2 Refresh 5 Chatters 6 Rooms
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