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who-.-> I wouldn't have met with any of you ROTFLOL 19:33
Unstoppable> Cool 19:33
Orly sexy as fuck joined. 19:33
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> ge gonba Download pics off of GOOGLE 19:33
Unstoppable> Nos ROTFLOL 19:33
*Deetzee*> @40oz Papi Omg ROTFLOL hahaha idk fr ROTFLOL 19:33
MR$$.K$$!N.D.G.A.> @who-.- alex moved in recently with Jessica 19:33
Im Dro You Whor> i met marie kayla julia and thats it 19:33
Unstoppable> Ask ur bitch she now's ROTFLOL 19:33
Mexi> @Spankmaster420 Sandra and D met in 30s room 19:33
who-.-> dang. lots of people 19:33
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Show me the fargo bank then 19:33
40oz Papi> @*Deetzee* how many times have you played with yourself this month 19:33
Unstoppable> I have never lied about were I was ROTFLOL 19:33
who-.-> I didn't see that one 19:33
Mexi> Dro and marie 19:33
Im Dro You Whor> i met a few 19:33
who-.-> wowww 19:33
🌸🌺TRISH> Gonna be long ass night 19:33
who-.-> Steph and snow dated? ROTFLOL 19:32
🌸🌺TRISH> I’m at work dro Frustrated 19:32
MR$$.K$$!N.D.G.A.> @who-.- and Alex and Jessica 19:32
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> @Unstoppable liar 19:32
Spankmaster420> @Mexi they met from here damnnn crazy and have a kid 19:32
WeedyD420Dragon> [color=green][/color] 19:32
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