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Retired Sippa'> Foxy fucked up and told him her lastname, he gonna be in your closet watchin you by tonight 18:00
foxy> @_beastmode load im 20 18:00
Punk Rap> Nino can't spell his last name Duh! 18:00
Tommy Sotomayor> ROTFLOL ROTFLOL 18:00
_beastmode load> sent rose to foxy 18:00
foxy> Idk how to speak Italian ROTFLOL 18:00
_beastmode load> @foxy u look 16 18:00
Tommy Sotomayor> @foxy u look like Michael jackson 18:00
Retired Sippa'> Weird ass nigga I swear lmao 18:00
R0ME0$$ G'd UP> @Retired Sippa' lol! 18:00
_beastmode load> @Retired Sippa' fuck ur cali 18:00
foxy> My last name is Ryeson 18:00
Retired Sippa'> Tf Nino pops up once he heard Florida 18:00
Punk Rap> @foxy parli l'italiano? 18:00
R0ME0$$ G'd UP> Italians be some stallions in the bedroom 18:00
_beastmode load> @foxy im also italian my last name borreli 17:59
Retired Sippa'> @foxy Government didn't do their jobs then 17:59
_beastmode load> @foxy im in dade county florida 17:59
Punk Rap> Kim Dzong is like Ugo Chavez due is all about a bullshit 17:59
foxy> I'm Italian 17:59
ScamLikley D> Bb 17:59
foxy> I survived the hurricane though it was scary 17:59
Tommy Sotomayor> @foxy u smell black like turkey shit are u mix bitch?? 17:59
disturbed> Do y'all go to school with eachothee like u want highschool but stayed friends so now yall in college together and Mr belden his stil in y'all lives 17:58
❤Mrs.Berry❤> @foxy make a fansign 17:58
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