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Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Or know everything ROTFLOL ROTFLOL ROTFLOL 19:42
Im Dro You Whor> okay i iggy it 19:42
🌸🌺TRISH> Bunch of tranny on moco space ROTFLOL ROTFLOL 19:42
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Sense u kniw it all 19:42
40oz Papi> Yo Felicia did I tell you what Siara said when I asked if she knew Aaron 19:42
Unstoppable> Do I lol nigga u stuck on repeat 19:41
Project-X> @TRISH that shit wild 19:41
Spankmaster420> spanked MEANIE 19:41
Mexi> @Im Dro You Whor the one that just said something about sex tape 19:41
*Deetzee*> Mmhmmmm sure 19:41
Im Dro You Whor> trish scared 19:41
🌸🌺TRISH> laughed at Project-X 19:41
WeedyD420Dragon> Damn lol 19:41
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> Fool copys others to much 19:41
Mexi> @Mexi we didn't take video. Just pics 19:41
40oz Papi> I tell no lies 19:41
Unstoppable> Just like ur girl put a hit on me a suing me lol 19:41
Project-X> Just got out of mocospace alot of sluts in their its crazy 19:41
Im Dro You Whor> what mexi is fake 19:41
Dj.K$$!N.D.G.A.F> @Unstoppable u seem like too usevthe same sayins thatni already used and said to u 19:41
Mexi> N 19:41
Mexi> Ima expose me Ryan's sex tape 19:41
🌸🌺TRISH> Trucks drivers makes money 19:41
2 Refresh 5 Chatters 6 Rooms
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